We offer services to cater to patent needs for a variety of companies including startups as well as large multinational companies. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each organization and the pace of innovation. Our services enable clients to create, develop and protect their ideas and further exploit and commercialize them.

We assist our clients in monitoring and staying ahead of competition by bypassing or designing around existing patents and also patenting inventions defensively and offensively to create entry barriers for competitors. Patents are drafted by experts in fields keeping in mind the evolving patent case law in various jurisdictions around the world. We also assist clients in strategically opposing patent applications which may interfere with their future products.

Patent portfolios are analyzed to determine under-leveraged patents, licensing opportunities, and gaps and trends in technology to boost and optimize R &D spending, exploit latent assets and enhance return on investments. Our in-house workshops enable R&D and key decision makers to extract value from their research and IP efforts.

For more information on our services and fee structure, please contact us at [email protected]