Our Team

At InnovarIP, you’ll find the largest and most experienced team of professionals anywhere in the IP industry. Our staff includes scientists, patent agents, attorneys and former patent examiners - individuals with highly specialized backgrounds and many years in their fields.  InnovarIP professionals are based in the United States and India. We do not outsource our IP services, enabling InnovarIP to maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and accountability.
Over 40 research experts that are patent attorneys, scientists and patent agents registered with the Indian Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our pharmaceutical and chemical team includes doctorates and post-doctorates in Organic Chemistry and Formulation Chemistry with an average of 7 years of industrial research and IP experience supporting in-house IP cells with fundamental search and analysis, patent drafting and prosecution, and strategy services.  Our pharmaceutical team has extensive experience and access in searching Chemical Abstracts. Our lifescience team also includes graduates and doctorates in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with an average of 5 years of industrial research and IP experience with major law firms and corporations. Our engineering team includes biomedical, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers with extensive experience in patent analytics and patent prosecution with major law firms and multinational corporations.
InnovarIP’s experts have experience in a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from healthcare and agriculture including block-buster FDA drugs and formulations, biopolymers, diagnostic markers and assays, ceramics, personal hygiene products, skin-care products, agrochemical products, herbal and natural products, biological recombinants and vaccines, transgenic plants and varieties to heavy and light engineering systems and products including refrigeration cycles, medical ablation probes and catheters, LEDs, wind and ocean turbines, software, etc.
We have dedicated professionals in all domains: Our associates are versed in:
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Computer & Information Sciences
Business Methods
Derwent WPI®
MicroPatent PatentWeb®
Our Technology
The right tools, information and technology are essential to delivering the best results. That’s why InnovarIP professionals have access to the world’s most extensive collection of patent information, technical data and state-of-the-art systems. Our teams are rigorously trained in the best software applications and search strategies. That means accurate, comprehensive information that you may not find on your own.
Our Process
A process that works for one client might not work for you. We carefully assess your individual needs and pair the professionals with the technologies to best meet those needs. As a result, we deliver information customized to fit your goals and objectives. To ensure accuracy, all work is reviewed and approved by our senior analysts before it’s released to you.