Competitor IP Monitoring Case
A multinational US-based pharmaceutical company needed to monitor competitor’s patents. They chose InnovarIP as their service partner. Our team of domain experts searched and analyzed patents for their entire portfolio of over 150 drugs. Our client received weekly and daily updates for tracking competition, new forms and formulations of various drugs and identified litigation targets.
Clearance and Product Development Case
A UK-based global tools company wanted to develop and launch a specialized drilling tool. InnovarIP assisted them with searching and analyzing the patent landscape to identify opportunities for licensing, invalidation and finally, freedom-to-operate. The client successfully obtained freedom-to-operate and has developed a non-infringing product based on the IP support from InnovarIP. The commercially feasible and acceptable product was launched in a technology area heavily protected by patents.
Patent and Technology Landscape Case
A US-based specialty chemical company wanted to understand the technology landscape for developing and launching their product. InnovarIP assisted them by searching and analyzing over 3000 patents, for specific criteria and relevance for product development. Analysis provided by InnovarIP helped the client in developing a non-infringing product and identified the technology development and patenting trend for the particular product.
Patent Drafting Case
A UK-based energy company wanted to patent their invention developed jointly with their research partners in India. They chose InnovarIP to conduct a world-wide search and to draft and file the patent. InnovarIP successfully assisted them in drafting and filing the application keeping in mind the requirements in Europe, the US and India.
Patent Drafting Strategy Case
A multinational agriculture and biotech company wanted to protect their biotech invention in India. Despite the stringent patentability criteria in India, InnovarIP assisted them in identifying claim strategies for protecting their invention in India.
Patent and Technology Landscape Case
A US-based medical device company wanted to update a technology and patent landscape. InnovarIP searched and analyzed over 700 patents, identified the most-cited patents, identified patents and application which would pose a freedom-to-operate issue for future products in the field of technology.
Patent and Technology Landscape Case
An Indian agrochemical company wanted to boost their R&D efforts for future product development. InnovarIP searched and analyzed over 8000 patents covering new technologies, new combinations, etc. to identify gaps in technology, trends in new product development and suggested directions to R&D to foster ongoing development.
Freedom-to-Operate Case – India
A pharmaceutical and vaccines company wanted to launch their product in India. They chose InnovarIP to obtain a clearance search in India. InnovarIP used their proprietary systems to identify all relevant patents for the product in India and guided the company with respect to the launch of the product in India.
Patentability and Prosecution Case in India
A pharmaceutical company in India developed a new formulation of an existing drug. They chose InnovarIP to help draft and file the patent application. InnovarIP suggested ways for the company to overcome the objections in Section 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act and prepared an application to demonstrate the novelty of the invention at the Indian Patent Office.
Patent Valuation Case
A chemical company wanted to hive-off and sell two of their business units along with their intellectual property. They chose InnovarIP to value their patent portfolio in the two respective units for future acquisitions by their competitors. Valuation by InnovarIP helped the company achieve a better negotiation and price for sale.