Where do you stand? When it comes to analyzing your competitive position, the answer lies in EXECUTE.

EXECUTE presents an organized view of your patents and products in relationship to your competitors’ patents and products. Offensive and defensive analyses for each competitor help you evaluate potential litigation risks, expose gaps in competitive data, and recognize new licensing opportunities.

An effective way to communicate the value of patent and product assets across your organization, EXECUTE translates into better corporate decisions, easier budget planning and stronger support for litigation and licensing plans.

EXECUTE is a powerful competitive analysis tool that provides various levels of perspective—from a company-wide view all the way down to details of an individual product or patent. Centralizing this information minimizes the loss of time and money associated with employee turnover and other human factors. EXECUTE also drastically reduces the time required to prepare patent and product reports.

By delivering clear visual representations of related offense and defensive positions, EXECUTE helps you evaluate potential litigation risks and licensing opportunities.

Our research team is available to fill competitive information gaps or to update any other information you require. As information is collected and entered, EXECUTE will show you an increasingly accurate and powerful perspective of your IP environment.