InnovarIP Dashboard
Improved project management and departmental efficiency are just two benefits provided by InnovarIP Dashboard. This full life cycle IP asset management system was developed by IP professionals, ensuring you receive detailed, real-time information necessary to effectively manage your projects and assets.

InnovarIP Dashboard is a secure, web-based platform that provides easy access to current and past projects, search reports, file histories and other documents, competitive analyses, personalized action items, as well as administrative alerts and prompts for efficient project management. That means you and your staff stay in control of every IP project.

Customizable workflow allows InnovarIP Dashboard to match your existing processes while adding valuable structure, centralization and reporting.

Track your patent process from disclosure and search, through preparation and filing, to issuance, maintenance and assertion.

Features: Benefits:
Project status reporting
Document management and workflow
Centralized information repository
Task reminders and alerts
Full audit trail
Strong network and role based security
Access from multiple locations
Data backup
Project archiving
Increase productivity by 20%
Easily monitor projects in real time
Improve efficiency with ready access to information
Identify time and resource bottlenecks
Decrease learning curves by matching workflows to existing processes